Executive Summary

STARS Technology Corporation

Business Summary:

STARS’ Product: Electrically heated, solar-augmented hydrogen generator
that produces low-cost, low-carbon fuel at users’ locations, enabling the
transition from a hydrocarbon to a hydrogen economy.

Problem Addressed: Replacement of internal combustion vehicles is
urgently needed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Battery electric
vehicles are one alternative, but range and time to recharge limit their
widespread acceptance. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have long-range
capabilities and refuel in minutes, but the high cost and limited availability of
hydrogen, limits their potential. STARS Technology enables the production
of hydrogen competitively priced with gasoline-powered vehicles in terms of
dollars per mile. Modular low-cost design and scalability will enable phased
infrastructure development as demand increases.

Near-term Objectives: Demonstrate low-cost, low-carbon, distributed
production of fuel cell quality hydrogen from natural gas. Validate 1) a 35
kg/day and 2) a 175 kg/day hydrogen generator for use with fuel cell
forklifts, fleet vehicle and light duty vehicles in California.

Long-term Objectives: Leverage demonstration project success to
capture significant market share in the low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen
market in California, Oregon, Washington and beyond. Support existing
hydrogen forklift applications and California’s initiative to deploy 1 million
fuel cell vehicles by 2030.

Management Team: Our core team of 5 engineers and business
professionals has extensive expertise in business, engineering, and project
management. We are led by Robert Wegeng, President/CEO – holder of
178 patents, program manager, skilled leader, and visionary.

Core Technology: Multiple Patent Protected Micro- & Meso-Channel
Reactors and Heat Exchangers; Highly efficient, compact, low-cost
“Chemical Process Chips”, licensed from Pacific Northwest National
Laboratory (PNNL).

Awards and Recognition: STARS Technology founders have received
R&D 100 Awards in 1999, 2007 & 2014 and related awards for advanced technology
hydrogen generator innovations.

Strategic Alliances: STARS Technology Corporation, Southern California
Gas, PNNL, and Oregon State University (OSU) received a Cooperative
Research and Development Award (CRADA) under the “Rapid
Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment” (RAPID)
Manufacturing Institute, to fund development of advanced manufacturing

Revenue Model: Sale of hydrogen production equipment and related
recurring maintenance; licensing fees.

STARS is seeking: Strategic and financial investors to establish three
demonstration stations, protect and extend intellectual property rights, and
initiate the deployment of additional systems after the demonstration.