The end of hydrocarbon-based fuels is near because people like the founders of Stars have dedicated their lives to finding answers to the most challenging questions confronting civilization like, "How do we reduce carbon dependence without undermining our economy?" 

Development Partners

U.S. Department of Energy

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Barr Engineering

Oregon State University

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas)



STARS Technology Corporation is an innovative company with the rights to over 30 patents on its microchannel steam-methane reformer technology.  Capturing energy from the sun to extract hydrogen from natural gas makes STARS' technology the answer to the problem of producing hydrogen fuels that can compete with hydrocarbon-based fuels.  The Founders have spent over 25 years in research and development to provide technology that can provide economically competitive fuel that will lower the World's carbon foot print.  

Our Management Team is outstanding.  On the technical side our technology has received three Department of Energy Research and Development (R&D 100) awards.  On the business side, we have experienced MBAs with commercialization expertise.  And, to convert ideas to profits we have strong project managers with over 120 years of combined successful project experience. We are working with our industry partners to respond successfully to the challenges of a new energy economy.

To find out more about how STARS can help you solve your hydrogen supply challenges contact us today. Working together we can make a difference!

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